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We play lots of strategy based and party games on Friday nights, along with the Tri-State Board Games Meetup.  Here's a list of some of the games we typically play:

Ultimate Werewolf
An innocent villager has been savagely killed by werewolves, and they will kill again each night. The villagers need to eliminate all the werewolves and have only a limited number of chances to do so; but if the werewolves gain parity with the villagers, they will overtake them. Various roles exist to either help or hurt the villagers, such as a seer who can learn of a players alignment each night. With over sixty different roles, this game is rarely the same back-to-back.

A sheriff and his deputies go toe-to-toe with some outlaws; meanwhile, some renegades want to be the last ones standing. Apart from the sheriff, no one really knows who is who, and it's up to each person to figure out who to hurt and who to help.

Betrayal at House on the Hill
A small group of adventurers enter a dark, mysterious house. While working together engaging events, picking up items, and finding omens, one of them betrays the others; or maybe not, with over fifty different ending scenarios, it is unlikely this game will ever end the same.

Cards Against Humanity
A card game for horrible people. We sometimes use this game to test new member's mettle.

An educational game about sexually-transmitted diseases. Be the first one with no more diseases left!


Roll and Race for the Galaxy
This is describing two similar, space-themed strategy games: by managing resources and actions, try to be with one with the most victory points in the end. Roll for the Galaxy is great for Beginners.

Shadow Hunters
There are an even shadows and hunters, both vying to destroy one another. There's a problem: no one knows anyone's alignment at the beginning of the game. As the game progress, you learn more about the makeup of the teams and attack players more strategically. Sometimes neutrals get in the mix with their own unique goals.

Maybe it's a casino, space station, or a beach; every but the spy knows. By asking questions and giving answers, you must convince everyone else you're with them, without giving any crucial information the spy of your whereabouts.

The Resistance
In the future, a resistance has formed against a corrupt empire. A team has been composed by the resistance, who just needs a majority of the five missions to succeed. Unfortunately, there is a minority of imperial spies among the team, who can fail their part of the mission; if the spies get a majority of the missions to fail, the empire wins. The spies know who each other are, and it's up the resistance to figure out who to trust.

Two Rooms and a Boom
A Red bomber and his Red team wish to blow up the Blue president. Everyone has been divided up among two rooms and, every so often, individuals must be swapped between the rooms. After the last round, the bomber goes off, and if the president is in the same room, the Red team wins.




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