Recovering from Religion

Recovering from Religion provides resources and support to our members and anyone in the community that is leaving religion. 


We offer meetups in the area to connect you with resources and others dealing with the same issues. 



Conact as at with any questions or for information on additional resources. We are here to educate and support you.


Recovering from Religion  - Resources

The following resources are available from Recovering from Religion.

The Hotline Project

For those times when you need a compassionate, listening ear, the Hotline Project call agents are ready to listen. 


Call 1-844-368-2848




The Seculary Therapist Project


If you would like a counselor or therapist who understands, the Secular Therapy Project can connect you with a therapist. 



  Planned Parenthood Phone banks



31 Movie Night: Sharknado
  Board Games
  Disc Golf


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