Sex Education in our Public Schools

Our Stand

Sex education in our schools should be based on medically and scientifically accurate information.  


The Reality

Do parents want their teens to abstain from sex? Of course they do. The reality is that most teens engage in sexual activity. Abstinence Only Until Marriage programs are not providing medically accurate information and are actually leading to high-risk behavior amoung young adults. 


The Facts

  • Between 1996-2008, Congress along with state matching funds spent $1.5 billion on Abstinence Only programs in public schools. 
  • Kentucky spends $17M annually on Abstinence Only Until Marriage (AOUM) programs. 
  • A 2004 federally funded report found that 80% of Abstinence Only courses had false, misleading, distorted information about reproductive health including the effectiveness of condoms, risks of associated with abortion, and how the HIV virius is transmitted.
  • Students taking virginity pledges are one third less likely to use contraception when they become sexually active.


The Solution

  • Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Free Birth Control

    Colorado started providing free birth control in 2009. Teen pregnancies between 2009-2013 fell by 40% and the abortion rate fell by 42%.

What You Can Do


2015 Secular Student Alliance

Jim G Helton, President of the Tri-State Freethinkers spoke on Sex Education in Public Schools at the Annual Secular Student Alliance conference in 2015.

Schools teaching Abstinence Only until Marriage

The following is a list of schools in our area receiving federal funding for failed Abstinence Only until Marriage programs. 


Kentucky - A New Hope Center  - $63,412


•Camp Ernst Middle School
•Campbell County Middle School
•Gallatin County Middle School
•Grant County Middle School
•Holmes Junior/Senior High School
•Ockerman Middle School
•Sharp Middle School
•Silver Grove Middle School
•Summit View Middle School
•Tichenor Middle School
•Twenhofel Middle School

Ohio  - Healthy Visions - $67,818


•Amelia High School
•Clermont Northeastern High School
•Fairfield Freshman
•Hopewell Junior High
•Kings Junior High
•Lakota East Freshman
•Lakota East High School
•Lakota West High School
•Liberty Junior High
•Lockland High School
•Mount Healthy Junior/Senior High School
•Reading High School
•School for Creative and Performing Arts
•Sycamore Junior High
•Taylor High School
•Williamsburg Middle School/High School


Ohio  - Maximum Freedom - $71,949

•Batavia Middle School
•Bridgetown Middle School
•Deer Park Junior/Senior High School
•Delhi Middle School
•Goshen High School
•Goshen Middle School
•Harrison High School
•Harrison Junior High School
•Indian Hill Middle School
•Kings High School
•Little Miami High School
•Little Miami Middle School
•Madeira Middle School
•Mariemont High School
•Mariemont Junior High School
•Mason High School
•Mason Middle School
•Milford High School
•Nagel Middle School
•New Richmond High School
•New Richmond Middle School
•Northwest High School
•Norwood High School
•Norwood Middle School
•Rapid Run Middle School
•Sycamore High School
Source: "Just Don't Do It: How religious organizations spread dangerous misinformation through sex-ed programs in public schools", Citybeat, Natalie Krebs, February 24, 2016.



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